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Writer of speculative fiction, space-fantasy, and reports of geeky social trends.
Player & creator of TTRPG stuff. Lives in Hong Kong.


What is Speculative Fiction?

When we think of the future, we often associate it with science fiction and fantastical imaginings …

How is Space-Fantasy Different From Sci-Fi?

Tl;dr: Space-fantasy is more flying galleons and fantastical worlds, less pew-pew.  Space-fantasy and sci-fi are two …

What’s it like living in Hong Kong?

Living in Hong Kong, a high-tech futuristic city, is an unparalleled adventure that transports you into …

Recommended Reading

The magic of silver helps tell a terrible true story of colonialism through a fantasy lens. The story …

Slaughter House Five

Non-linear storytelling at its finest. Sometimes the future happens in the past. And sometimes the past is best …

All The Birds in the Sky

A witch and a genius/mad scientist fall in love, then break up, then just about end the world. …

World Building

TTRPG Setting

Nebula of Madness

Officially known as the Gygaxian Nebula, this vast area of Wildspace encompasses many systems, countless large asteroids, fathomless clouds of gas and expanses of emptiness so devoid of anything that small pockets of Astral Sea linger like oases in a desert. Parts of the Nebula are under control of wealthy Noble houses, other …

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TTRPG Setting

A Better Barovia

I’ve played Count Strahd enough times to never want to play him the same way again. After every campaign he grows and changes, and the memories of the last campaign I ran stay with him. The next time around, he has vowed that things will be different. Welcome to Team Strahd, where from …

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TTRPG Setting

Billowack Chronicles

Once upon a time, in a Domain of Delight, there was an unlikely hero named Billowack who found himself in the service of a Fog Giant — a fallen Cloud Giant. The giant promised magical powers in exchange for helping him resote his lost treasure, and in turn his position among Cloud Giants. …

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Jay and Jack Oatway are a father and son duo who share a deep common passion for Dungeons & Dragons. But they don’t always agree on everything. Tune in to their podcast, Like Dragon Like Son, as they discuss their different perspectives on the many aspect of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Like Dragon Like Son Podcast

Listen to the D&D father and son podcast

Father and son team, Jay and Jack Oatway, bring together two generations of D&D experience as they discuss fun, offbeat ways to elevate your tabletop roleplay adventures.

Vinyl Records


High Fidelity Challenge: Top 5 Side 1, Track 1

In the 1995 novel High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby the main character, Rob, sets out a number of Top 5 lists. …

AI and Writing

What Moves Gravel-Size Gypsum Crystals Around the Desert?

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Scientists, Feeling Under Siege, March Against Trump Policies

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