Jay Oatway


The magic of silver helps tell a terrible true story of colonialism through a fantasy lens. The story of language, and meaning, and the magic of that which gets lost in translation. The story of losing one’s motherland, while never being accepted in your adopted country.

Nebula of Madness

Officially known as the Gygaxian Nebula, this vast area of Wildspace encompasses many systems, countless large asteroids, fathomless clouds of gas and expanses of emptiness so devoid of anything that small pockets of Astral Sea linger like oases in a desert. Parts of the Nebula are under control of wealthy Noble houses, other parts claimed …

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A Better Barovia

I’ve played Count Strahd enough times to never want to play him the same way again. After every campaign he grows and changes, and the memories of the last campaign I ran stay with him. The next time around, he has vowed that things will be different. Welcome to Team Strahd, where from the first …

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Billowack Chronicles

Once upon a time, in a Domain of Delight, there was an unlikely hero named Billowack who found himself in the service of a Fog Giant — a fallen Cloud Giant. The giant promised magical powers in exchange for helping him resote his lost treasure, and in turn his position among Cloud Giants. Billowack and …

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All The Birds in the Sky

A witch and a genius/mad scientist fall in love, then break up, then just about end the world. I love the way the author, Charlie Jane Anders, swings between fantasy and sci-fi — as the protagonists attempt to reconcile technology and nature. Technology arrives as both saviour and destroyer, and “every designer of cool hardware” ends …

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How is Space-Fantasy Different From Sci-Fi?

Tl;dr: Space-fantasy is more flying galleons and fantastical worlds, less pew-pew.  Space-fantasy and sci-fi are two related but distinct genres that share similarities in their exploration of futuristic and speculative concepts. While both genres often involve elements of technology, space exploration, and futuristic settings, they differ in their primary focus and tone.   Sci-Fi (Science …

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