A Blademark’s Guide to the Last War

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Scribed by Tasker d’Sivis from the dictation of a Deneith blademark who wishes to remain anonymous. This guide provides an inside look at some of the various types of men and women, various types of soldiers that the blademark encountered on the battlefields of the Last War, both as allies and as enemies.

Each page is chock-full of information for players to use to create characters in tune with the theme of Eberron and with a connection to the world and more importantly to the major event that touched the lives of nearly everyone on Khorvaire.

This PDF is almost 50 pages long, and contains 2 subclass options for thirteen minus one classes.

Artificer: Strongarm and War Veterinarian

Barbarian: Path of the Rider and Path of the Undaunted

Bard: College of the Chronicle and College of Tactics

Cleric: Ancestral Domain and Faith Domain

Druid: Circle of the Predator and Circle of the Prophet

Fighter: Augmenter and Squad Leader

Monk: Way of the Guardian and Way of the Spellfist

Paladin: Oath of Advancement and Oath of the Standard Bearer

Ranger: Combat Medic and Sharpshooter

Rogue: Avenger and Thug

Sorcerer: Iron Soul and Mourningborn

Warlock: The Draconic Prophecy and The Quori

Technically no Wizard subclasses (as though we needed more?). Instead, this features 5 subclasses based on the now-defunct Strixhaven UA that included subclasses for multiple classes. So you do have options for being a wizard, they just also apply to all the other full caster classes as well as artificers.

Wandslinger Corps of the Five Nations

Aundarian Dragoons, Brelish Firebrands, Cyran Phantasms, Karrnathi Ghouls, and Thrane Beacons

Blademark's Guide spread 4-5

Blademark's Guide spread 16-17

Blademark's Guide spread 24-25

Blademark's Guide spread 36-37

A Blademark’s Guide to the Last War was edited by Kai Linder and layout was done by Sean vas Terra.

It also relied in part due to fact checking and research and inspiration from the members of the Eberron Discord channel.

A Blademark's Guide to the Last WarPrice: $9.99