Nebula of Madness

Officially known as the Gygaxian Nebula, this vast area of Wildspace encompasses many systems, countless large asteroids, fathomless clouds of gas and expanses of emptiness so devoid of anything that small pockets of Astral Sea linger like oases in a desert.

Parts of the Nebula are under control of wealthy Noble houses, other parts claimed by ruthless corporations, but still more is a lawless, free space full of adventurers and pirates looking to make their fortunes.

You and your fellow crewmates have a ship, a mooring at the Rock of Bral, an open tab at the Wandering Eye Tavern, plus a few leads on where you might make your fortune in the Nebula.

However, there are also rivals, racing to claim the treasure — and the glory — that could be yours. And there are dark stories of unspeakable horrors lurking within the very reaches of the nebula where that treasure is said to be. Or maybe it’s all just stories made up by the bards to fill their pockets with coin. But an adventurer has to dream.

Speaking of dreams: Even when you close your eyes, the mysteries of the Nebula come with you. Dreamspace, created as the Nebula bends towards the Far Realm, provides a metaverse of opportunity for dream hackers to uncover clues and secrets.

All is possible from your Spelljammer ship. Join the fleets of supercharged helms empowered by brains in jars, making incredible leaps through unnatural wormholes. Upgrade your ship, clear your names, and maybe save the multiverse along the way.